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Think you have an interesting project that will "Improve Life" on campus and beyond? We have grants of $1,300* available for innovative projects that capture U of G's philosophy to improve life.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you part of the campus community?
  • Are you passionate about U of G?
  • Do you align with the "I am a Gryphon Pledge"?
  • Do you want to make a difference and improve life?
  • Have you read the Terms of Reference?



Applications are now closed.



Guelph Graduate Mental Health Conference and Awareness Week

Krista Miller & Curtis Holmes

The first annual Graduate Mental Health Conference and Awareness Week is directed to graduate students for unmet mental health needs on campus, by providing a safe platform to gather, discuss and create solutions for our campus.

Our goal is to run our event during the week of January 22-27th of 2018. Planning for the event is currently underway. We plan to have rooms booked and invitations/abstract submission emails sent by the end of October. All events during that week will be finalized and planned by the end of November. Food purchasing order will be accomplished by mid-December. As well, a list of volunteers will be finalized by the end of November.

L-R: Lisa Hood (Donor), Curtis Holmes, Krista Miller, Lynne Mitchell (Donor), Jason Moreton (Donor)


Sofia Fiorino, Kira Valentine, Madelyn Tabakos & Jordie Fischer

A cook off challenge where chefs from the community will use collected edible food waste to prepare a meal judged by a panel of judges. This entertainment event is a educational campaign to teach students on how to reduce their edible food waste.

We will gather equipment needed for the event (refrigeration space, cooktops, cooking utensils, etc.), collect all needed equipment by one week prior to the event and speak to local chefs about their potential involvement in the event. Then confirm which 3 or 4 chefs will participate. Complete this by one month prior to the event. Assemble a panel of judges, ranging in disciplines and ages to participate in the event. Complete this by one month prior to the event to make sure they can clear their schedules. Create surveys for post-event follow up. Complete by event date. Collect food to be repurposed from campus eateries no earlier than three days prior to event. Create advertisement around campus and on social media to promote event. This will be ongoing starting approximately one month prior to the event. Event will take place during College Royal on March 18, 2018

L-R: Lisa Hood (Donor), Lynne Mitchell (Donor), Sofia Fiorino, Kira Valentine, Madelyn Tabakos, Jordie Fischer, Jason Moreton (Donor)

Looking for project ideas?

Take a look at the 'I am a Gryphon Pledge" video below for inspiration!


Step 1: Fill out the application above

Step 2: Be prepared to attend the Gryphons Care meeting the afternoon of February 13 to give a 5-minute presentation on your project to the Gryphons Care donor group.

Things to note: You'll be notified if you have been selected to present on February 13, by Friday, February 9, 2018.

Successful applicants will be informed the day after the meeting if their projects have been chosen.

*Funds provided through donations from faculty and staff of the Gryphons Care committee.


Applications are now closed.

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For more information, please contact Maureen Brooker, Alumni Advancement Manager, University-Wide at or call (519) 824-4120 ext. 56695. 



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